As Utah’s only technical college, Utah Tech accepts its position


For the first time in its six-year history, Thursday’s Silicon Slope Tech Summit was represented by the Beehive State Institute of Technology.

Prior to this year, Utah had no true polytechnics. The university, formerly known as Dixie State University, was later transformed into Utah Tech University in May.

Utah Tech President Richard Williams joined Board of Trustees Dave Elkington and Silicon Slope co-founder and CEO Clint He Betts on Thursday to discuss a new era for the university.

“We looked at all the universities that focused on this university of applied sciences. We mapped it on a map of the United States and there was this huge hole in the western United States and in the middle of that hole was St. George, Utah,” Williams said.

For a state like Utah with a large technology center, it makes sense that it needs a technical college that provides a skilled workforce to many Utah-based companies.

College saw an opportunity and eventually jumped on it when it transferred to Utah Tech.

“Everyone knows there’s a shortage of engineering talent and a lack of IT talent,” Elkington said.

Elkington said the university’s transition was intended to fill that gap, noting that the school was undergoing more than just a name change, but a “change in focus”. highlighted its $100 million science, engineering and technology building on a college campus.

“We have makerspaces, engineering labs, and workshops,” says Elkington. “I don’t think most people understand how this thing happened. It’s going to create the next generation of entrepreneurs, Utah, and, frankly, the next generation of talent for this country. Utah Tech University is also home to Atwood Innovation Plaza, where it has filed over 195 patents since its inception.

“If you look at it globally, we’re in the top 25 in the world for the number of patents granted to universities all over the world, not just in Utah. Elkington and Williams said the university welcomes the cooperation and contributions from the Utah Department of Technology.

In March, the university partnered with Pluralsight, a technology talent development company, to help students enhance their education with technology-enabled skills.

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  • As Utah’s only technical college, Utah Tech accepts its position
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