A student brutally beaten by a teacher in a private coaching center in Bhubaneswar for his homework


An underage student was injured after being beaten by a teacher at a private coaching center in Bhubaneswar on Tuesday.

According to reports, the teacher brutally beat one of his students, identified as Rihan Sheikh from Jadupur region, for not doing his homework. The boy suffered hand injuries.

The student informed his parents about the incident after returning from his lessons, after which the parents went to the training center to inquire about the incident. However, the teacher even attacked them, the parents alleged.

“The teacher asked me if I had done my homework. I said that I had done the homework but that I had left some because I did not understand it. He then got angry and hit me with a stick,” the boy said.

Following the incident, family members filed an FIR at Khandagiri Police Station against the teacher.

In the meantime, the teacher has refuted the allegations made by the student and his parents.

“Rehan has been taking lessons from me for 4 years. I beat him with a stick along with 4 other students. But I had no intention of hurting him or anyone else. accidentally broke and bruised her hand.” said the professor, identified as Qasim.

Further, the teacher clarified, “As they (the student’s parents) alleged, I did not beat him forcefully or intentionally. I have video evidence regarding the same. was certainly a mistake for which I have already apologized to the same.”

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.


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