A burnt house above a row of properties in Bhadrak, narrow escape for 6 family members


In the aftermath of the brutal murder of five members of a family in Mahanga of Cuttack following a property dispute, a house was reportedly burnt down with six family members locked inside in Bhadrak district.

The arson attack took place at the home of Sudarshan Das in Gabasahi under the jurisdiction of the municipal police in the early hours of Thursday. Das’ family of six narrowly escaped the arson attack.

However, their five-room house and property worth hundreds of thousands of rupees was destroyed by the fire.

According to sources, Sudarshan and his family members were sleeping in their house when miscreants set fire to the house late last night. After waking up, the family members tried to rush out of the house to save their lives. However, they discovered that the house was locked from the outside.

After trying hard, they managed to get out of the burning house through the backyard. Sudarshan alleged that the arson was a fallout from a past feud.

After a complaint was lodged with the municipal police by the family, a team traveled to the village and launched an investigation into the case.

“My husband woke up to relieve himself when he noticed smoke inside our house at 3.37am. When we tried to get out we found the door was locked from the outside. I had saved up gold and other items worth several thousand rupees for my daughter’s wedding which are now burnt to ashes,” said Binapani Das, a family member.

“They locked the door after setting the house on fire. It was pre-planned to eliminate our family,” said another family member, Lizarani Das.


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