10 Best Personal Training Certifications for Ace in Fitness Career


If you are looking for a career in aptitude industry, then you’ll want to consider becoming certified. Certified trainers have more experience and knowledge than those without certification and can help you reach your fitness goals faster. However, if you want proper certification, you will have to take certification courses in neighboring countries or first world countries, as there are no reliable certification courses in Bangladesh. Here are some of the most respected personal training certification programs.

Top 10 Personal Training Certification Programs in 2022

Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Advanced Personal Training

Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute Advanced Personal Training is the perfect option for those looking to work out. With experienced trainers at your fingertips, you can learn how to lead someone to achieve their fitness goals. These experts have you covered, from cardio and strength training to nutrition and injury rehabilitation.

You can take the course online and offline. Offline courses are available in different locations in India. This 4 month course will help you step into a personal training career. After the training, you will be able to get Skill India government certification.

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Diploma in Personal Training (DPT) by K11 School of Fitness Sciences

The DPT course is the premier individual exercise science training course that offers both theory and practical instruction, equipping students with everything from the knowledge to the specialized tools and strategies needed to become qualified and certified personal trainers in the fitness industry.

The course contains 51 theoretical lessons and 25 practical lessons. The total number of learning hours will be 283 hours. Thus, you can expect to complete the course in several months. Nevertheless, you will have to pass theoretical and practical exams to complete the course module.

Personal trainer certified by Integrated Fitness Sports Institute

The mission of this certified personal trainer course is to prepare students to practice and work as freelance professional personal trainers, full-time, part-time or even online, locally and abroad. It is an international course. Thus, the certificate holder can work in 37 European countries.

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This course follows the concepts of fitness classes and coach development. It includes theories and practice sessions that help you build a solid foundation in fitness. Also covers all the intricate facets of the personal trainer job profile that can prepare you for employment and enhance the knowledge base that can help you meet the demands of your clients. The duration of the course is 6 months.

Level 4 Personal Trainer by JLO Fitness Institute

The Level 4 Personal Trainer Certification is designed for trainers who have at least 1 year of experience and are looking to take their training to the next level. The program covers sport-specific techniques, injury prevention, nutrition and weight management, and stress management. Completion of Level 4 certification allows trainers to earn a certificate that will help them further their careers. This is a two month internship.

Personal trainer certified by the National Institute of Fitness Studies (NIFS)

NIFS provides certification and has become one of the leading certification bodies. Certified personal trainer courses can help people achieve their learning goals while developing their physical goals. They offer intensive education and training and have obtained specialist certification in specific areas such as weight loss, cardio training, etc. This is a three month offline course.

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Certificate in Personal Training by Fitness Cravers

This is a Level 5 certificate from Fitness Cravers that provides comprehensive training in the art of personal fitness. Plus, it will teach you everything you need to start your own personal training business. This program will take you from beginner level to intermediate level, and finally to advanced level.

The program is designed to cover all important personal training topics, such as anatomy and physiology, exercise selection, program design, exercise technique, and nutrition. The course is available in Hindi and English. You will have to follow 21 lessons of approximately 61 hours in two months.

Personal Trainer Certification by ACE Fitness

The ACE Personal Trainer curriculum has everything you need to get started. With this program, you will learn the basics of exercise science, how to design effective programs for clients, and how to assess their progress. Plus, our online course is interactive and easy to follow.

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You will learn to assess individual abilities, track progress, modify exercises and provide appropriate encouragement. With this knowledge, you will be able to help your clients achieve their fitness goals. It’s an online course, and they have several course modules you can try.

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

If you’re looking for an online program that can help you get certified as a personal trainer, ISSA has exactly what you need. The Certified Personal Trainer program is comprehensive and covers everything from anatomy and physiology to exercise technique and safety.

After completing the program, you will be able to help others achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively. You will get the CPR course for free with this personal trainer course. You can enroll in different lesson plans depending on your level.

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National Academy of Sports Medicine Personal Training Program

The National Academy of Sports Medicine offers accredited certification in six sections: professional development and accountability, client relations and behavioral coaching, basic and applied science and nutritional concepts, assessment, exercise technique, training instruction, and design of program.

They also offer accredited certification in 23 in-depth chapters featuring audio summaries and 200 exercise demonstrations. Since everything is online, you will have 180 days to pass the NCCA exam and become a Certified Professional Trainer.

Fit n Met certified personal trainer

The Fit n Met program is designed to teach you everything you need to start your own personal training business. They provide all the resources you need to succeed and the instructors are experienced professionals who will help you learn everything there is to know about personal training. The Fit n Met training will take three months.

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Last words

So far we have discussed the 10 Most Valuable Personal Training Certification Programs. If you’re looking for a certification that will help you stand out in the personal training field, getting certified with one of the ten accredited organizations listed below is a good option. Each has unique requirements and benefits, so be sure to research each thoroughly before making a decision.


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