Loans – Avoid these pitfalls when borrowing

When we decide that the time has come to acquire our own real estate, we are very enthusiastic and cheerful in our planning and implementation.

Then, as the obstacles come in, our enthusiasm goes down. At the end, most of us are already stunned, and the feeling of “just getting over it” sits on us. To avoid this, let’s simplify our lives, and at least borrowing should be a regular routine. Let’s pay attention to these!

Prepare scoring!

We are not convinced to stress and to make sure that pre-qualification is our starting point . It is so evident and it makes our lives so easy. We walk into the bank, get the right papers and get the necessary certificates . We have plenty of time, since we are not bound by the contract of sale.

And what do we gain with it?

We know exactly how much credit we can borrow with what parameters. We will be able to play the race to get the best out of it. And we’ll also know how much value we have in real estate.

Problems around the ownership sheet


This is a very important item as many real estate purchases have been delayed. Before entering into a contract, make sure that the property you are trying to buy is actually free of costs in terms of common costs and utility debts.

They need to be sorted and deleted, and it takes 30 days.

Another inconvenience may be that the property is registered in a different way from the real state of the property. Almost everywhere, this can be an immediate exclusion reason.

The pitfalls of the sales contract


Let’s say we’ve got the property to buy and we’re getting ready to sign the contract .

It is very important that we ask for a document from the bank before telling us what is expected of us in the contract. Most lawyers are aware of this , but the devil doesn’t sleep. We have not seen a case in which the contract of sale had to be rewritten, and this is an unnecessary expense.

It may also be interesting if our personal documents have expired. That way, you can’t get contracted and have to run some more nasty circles and get to your new home later.

If we avoid or prevent these pitfalls, we really have nothing to worry about. And your deal will be so light and smooth that everyone can be jealous. Got a question? Ask us! We can help from the beginning to the real estate of your dreams.