Download and read the following documents before writing your paper for Asian Transactions:
Asian Transactions Copyright Agreement With Authors
Paper Format (doc version)
Paper Format (pdf version)
Instructions for Authors
Aim and Scope
Asian Transactions publishes original papers on all subjects mentioned in the scope of journals on the website
Preparation of manuscripts
Only original contributions, which have not been previously published in any language and are not being considered for publication elsewhere, should be submitted. A copy has been sent to or with signed Asian Transactions Copyright Agreement With Authors (AgreementWithAuthors.doc) file. Papers must be submitted in English. Manuscripts should be typed, double spaced, on A4 size paper, leaving ample margins. Once accepted for publication, the final version of the manuscript must be submitted and onlyWORD file is acceptable.
Paper Format
Paper must be written in the format provided by Asian Transactions. Doc and pdf versions are available in the Author Guidelines Link on the website.
All illustrations and photographs should be clear, sharp, black and white prints, with good contrast, on glossy paper.. Copyright
Papers are considered for publication on the understanding that they have not been submitted to any other publisher. The submitted works must be original and not previously published elsewhere. The copyright of papers accepted for publication becomes the property of the publisher and reproduction of any part of the paper elsewhere is not allowed without the permission of the copyright holder. Authors who wish to reproduce illustrations which have already been published elsewhere must obtain written permission from the copyright holder. Authors should provide release of copyright by sending AgreementWithAuthors.doc to or which should contain the title of the article of the article, date, and signatures of all authors.
Publishing Charges
A paper accepted for publication in the journal is subject to pay a mandatory charge of US$ 160 to publish the paper.